In order to give our clients an exciting adventure without the constraints imposed by a convoy system, we use roadbook's set out in the following manner. In Russia because of the nature of the off roading we will spend a lot of the time as a group. You will be given a roadbook as a safety precaution, just incase you become detached from the rest of the group.

It is very important that you use all parts of the roadbook in conjunction with any maps that you will be required to buy for a particular safari. Every morning you will be given a briefing on the days route outlining any caution as well as fuel, food and cultural stops. We will also advise you of the crucial waypoints that must not be missed.

  1. Notes. This section has important information such as ‘enter river bed’. We also put symbols here to indicate a food, fuel or photo stop.
  2. GPS. The actual position that corresponds to the tulip diagram in latitude and longitude.
  3. Tulips. These diagrams indicate the direction to travel, the arrow indicating the track or road to take. Any track or road with a double line across it means that you should not travel that route.
  4. Kilometers. We split kilometer/mile markings into ‘Partial’ and ‘Total’. The partial is the amount of km/miles from the preceding tulip or GPS co-ordinate. The total is the amount of km/miles traveled so far that day or since the km/miles were zeroed.

It is important to use all of this information together as you will experience slight discrepancies in both the final GPS numbers and kilometers/miles. This is quite normal and is often no more than the difference in your cornering lines or where exactly you zeroed the unit.