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Grade 1 - Standard Vehicle + No previous off-road experience

An ideal introduction to off-roading suitable for all standard 4x4 vehicles. You will learn GPS navigation techniques and the fundamentals of off-road driving on dirt tracks and tarmac. You will drive through spectacular scenery and experience the local culture and cuisine.

Experiences include: Greenlaning Days, Morocco, and Wales

Grade 2 - Modified Vehicle + Some off-road experience

A more demanding test of off-road skills and previous experience of off-roading is required. Terrain covered may include rivers, mountain tracks, soft sand river beds, small sand dunes, and rocks. You will need to be comfortable with GPS navigation techniques. These routes will take you to places seldom found by other visitors to these countries.

Experiences include: Morocco, Wales

Grade 3 - Modified Vehicle + Good off-road experience

The ultimate in dune-driving. You must have completed a Grade 2 trip to Morocco as an introduction to driving in sand dunes and training in GPS navigation in the desert. When you aren't concentrating on the exhilirating driving you will be stunned by the breathtaking scenery.

Experiences include: Libya (Not currently running)

Grade 4 - Special Vehicle Modifications + Lots of off-road experience!

This is a tough ride for only the most dedicated off-roaders. You and your vehicle will be tested to the full. Your vehicle will have to be thoroughly prepared for this trip and you will be in wild camps in Northern Lights territory for the majority of the adventure.

Experiences include: Russia